Saturday, 1 December 2012

Insert Data into Database using Swings,Applets part-1

// siddhu vydyabhushana // 28 comments
Hi guys this is siddhu vydybhushana. Already i have blog (MY BLOG )but this time i concentrated on java so i create another blog and named JAVATYRO ..!!!!

I used  below topics to complete project

4.Event Handling

swing is a part of JFC(java foundation classes).It gives smooth interface than AWT but we need to entire program in java.

java foundation classes are set of GUI(graphical user interface) components which simplifies the development of desktop applications..

adstract window toolkit used to develop GUI apps in java we can convert this to web applications also.

if we observe any change in state of an object we call it as EVENT . for example button pressing,mouse dragging,dialog showing .........etc
These events are provided by java.awt.event package
it will provide many event classes and listeners

now it is time to discuss about JDBC connection
already in my last post i blogged it please refer the below link to know that


in next part i will go through on coding dont miss it ..



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